August 10, 2008

have it your way

So, today I am rolling home after a great Sunday service. I'm driving along and I notice one church letting out, cars coming out of the parking lot, the whole nine. So for some reason I decide I am going to count the churches on my way to my destination.

 It's funny at first because I am like, wow three churches in a row??

I keep counting... five churches....six churches... seven churches... After one mile I have counted eleven churches. Eleven churches within one mile of each other, on the SAME road.

I started thinking about what Mike was teaching this morning. You remember the 99 righteous and the 1 sinner?? I don't pretend to know these churches I drove past today or what is going on in them. But my heart wondered what Jesus would feel like walking down this street. Does this street represent God's people outwardly or inwardly?

I mean are there eleven churches in one mile of each other, because of the revival going on in Orlando, or because the insiders want things their way so bad that they are willing to splinter the body of Christ to the point of uselessness?

I had to check myself. Do I want things in my spiritual life on my timetable? Does Grace Fellowship have to make me happy or else I will pout and grumble? Is my heart truly about the mission? Or do I want Grace Fellowship to fit around my schedule and my likes or dislikes? It's time for us to get real about the mission here in Orlando ya' heard???