May 21, 2010

Great is thy faithfulness... PART1

You may not know me, but thru this blog. Or you may know me in real life. I'm not sure why you decided to stop by, but I'm glad you did.

Today I want to talk about God's faithfulness. Last night I was thinking about how God has brought my wife and I along on a crazy ride. The funny thing is it hadn't hit me much until last night... Why, maybe because I have been so busy lately? Maybe because God decided to pull back the curtain for a second? I dont know. But in this moment I was overwhelmed by a rush of gratefulness like I have never felt...

I wept out loud. Hard. I made those weird choking sniffle gulping squeaky sounds while crying! It was in that moment that I remembered that 10 years ago this week God moved my life right where it needed to be. So ten years ago I was slated to be a student summer missionary to Germany. I was going to kick it on the beach the whole summer and do "american clubs" (not sure why "american club" would be a good idea, but that's another story) with teens that came to visit the beach. I was STOKED. I love working with teens and I just imagined myself playing the guitar on the beach and chillin all summer with German kids who needed Christ. How SICK is THAT!?!?

Back at home I was working as a janitor at the Baptist Student Center. I would go in late at night/morning and clean, vacuum, sing to myself really loudly ;p. I was cleaning off the desk for the BCM director (who btw is still one of my good friends, he is now @ Rice) and I happened to see this loose page that was actually a plea for male student summer missionaries in Orlando, FL. It really was that a PLEA, because this was for people who wanted to work with children and lame stuff like pool ministry...

Anyways... This is one of the most distinct times I ever sensed God telling me. "THAT's where I want you to go this summer."

WHAT?!? I was not happy. In fact I tried to rationalize that it was just all in my head. Why would GOD tell me that? I was almost on my way overseas (which at the time I was certain was my future). Why the junk would you call me to Orlando???