January 26, 2010

I'll have some links on the side...

Just thought I'd throw up a quick post about the "Friends and Such" menu on the right hand side of this website. I mean I know it's pretty self explanatory but you might wanna know why stuff is there. So quick an easy, here's the skinny.

Brad Cooper-- This guy is a stud student director @ New Spring church in South Carolina. I love what he says and what they are all about at *Fuse

Church Cruch-- Anything tech-geek and church related can be found here. Whether you are a social medialite or just trying to use technology for the glory of God, this site has lots of good news, info and tips.

Grace Fellowship Orlando/Grace Student Ministry: Doy. It's us ;)

Pastor Steven Furtick-- Seriously, this pastor is wise beyond his years, but has a fresh and insightful way of bringing the gospel to life, lot's of good wisdom, teaching, leadership insights on his blog.

Reach Records-- one of Hip Hop's best up-and-coming record companies. Has (in my opinion) some of the best artists in the rap game.

Restored Students-- nothing like good friends right? This is one of my best friends student ministry page. They are doing great things in West Orange County and I wanted to help him get Jesus' shine on out there.

Viva Pancho Villa-- This is my dog. He has a blog. I know it's sick, but he's a pretty talented writer, when he's not chewing my slippers.

Where it's not-- Trent and Kay Jones, who are good college buddies of mine, are serving as missionaries out in rural Bolivia. They are such awesome and selfless people. Their blog inspires me to be more passionate about Jesus in my neck of the woods and keeps my eyes on international missions. Good Read.

World Vision International-- Kim and I have sponsored children thru this organization and it really is one of the best out there. Take a look at the website and consider it yourself, it is really a great ministry and you can make a huge difference for dollars a day.

Toms Shoes-- I'm just a big fan of this organization and how they have really met a need that sometimes we just forget about. They are solidly committed to their mission and plus they are some pretty cool kicks too.